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Georgia lawmakers explain their positions on Syria

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With members of Congress returning to Washington on Monday, more of them are beginning to weigh in on their positions regarding a possible strike on Syria.

Sen. Johnny Isakson, (R) GA, who, at first, was supporting a military strike against Syria, late Monday afternoon announced he will vote against a military strike. “It is clear to me that Georgians overwhelmingly oppose our country getting involved militarily in Syria,” Isakson’s statement said. “The administration’s lack of a clear strategy is troubling, and the potential fallout following a military strike is also troubling.”

Rep. Tom Graves (R – 14th District) announced from Washington Monday evening that after attending a classified briefing, he would vote No.

“The Obama Administration has not provided a clear or convincing strategy for inserting our military into the conflict,” Graves said.  “I am also deeply concerned about the extent to which al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists are involved in the rebellion.  President Obama has made clear his opinion that this situation does not currently present a direct or imminent threat to the United States.”

Rep. Paul Broun’s (R-10th District) office contacted 11Alive News Monday morning to note his opposition to military action in Syria. The office released a formal statement from the Congressman.

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