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UPDATE: Witness Talks about Fatal Savannah State Shooting

Special to SEGAZINE

Police are investigating a deadly shooting on Savannah State’s campus.

A 20-year old man was shot in his back. A mother of one of the students was there, just minutes after the shooting and tells Larry Spruill more about the man’s final moments.

Blue lights, crime scene tape and police from three different departments, blocked off the entrance to University Village on Savannah State campus, “ I was just seeing a lot of suitcases being thrown around, my daughter was on the phone with me and I told her somebody is out here fighting,” says Portia Quant-Heywood.

But Portia Heywood says the scene was more serious than that Heywood just arrived on campus on her way to see her daughter when ran into this, “I turn in and I see this guy on the ground. A little girl was over him trying to do chest impressions.  I started talking to him, feeling to see if he had a pulse. (Was he moving, was he alive when you saw him?) Vaguely, he was in and out. You could tell. He wasn’t moving, he was moaning and groaning, you could tell by the eyes and it was really vague,” says Heywood.

A vague situation that was still a little foggy, until she started to look around, “There was a gun found and probably like 15 shell casings. I was marking them, literally with the Styrofoam cup I had, I was really marking the bullet.  When the paramedics moved him, I was still there, they cut his shirt, and they were trying to find out to what was going on. When they turned him over, there was a gunshot in the back.”

Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Metro Police and Campus Police interviewed students and witnesses. Around 3:30 Saturday morning, campus officials e-mailed students, alerting them that a 20-year old male was shot and killed on campus, “It’s kind of scary, that you have a kid, you are sending them to college and you see a crime scene.  Parents really need to check this out, not just me because I need some answers. I really need answers.”

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