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Rayonier completes upgrade at Jesup mill

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Construction on Rayonier’s Cellulose Specialties Expansion (CSE) project is complete at its Jesup mill, company officials have announced.

The conversion allows Rayonier’s exit from traditional pulp markets as the company moves its performance-fibers business entirely into the specialty-pulp sector.

“We completed the project on schedule and successfully started up the new equipment ahead of schedule, exceeding expectations,” said Jeff Rosbach, Rayonier’s director of strategic initiatives.

Construction of the project’s final components was completed during the mill’s annual outage in May and June, with the exception of the new black-liquor evaporators, which were completed in July.

The Jesup mill has three production lines, known as A, B and C mills. A and B mills produce cellulose specialties, but before the conversion, the C-mill production line was producing commodity-grade absorbent materials used in such products as diapers and feminine-hygiene products.

The conversion allows all three mills to produce cellulose specialties, derived from wood chips that are processed into high-purity custom cellulose pulps designed to meet rigorous specifications.

Rayonier’s customers use this cellulose-specialties pulp in manufacturing consumer products such as flat-panel televisions, computer screens, impact-resistant plastics, filters, tires, paint, food and pharmaceuticals. More than 65 percent of the company’s products are exported to its global customer base in more than 40 countries.

via The Press-Sentinel

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