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St. Marys Railroad to begin passenger excursions

Special to SEGAZINE

As a child, Paul Pleasant used to wake up his parents early.

He cried because he couldn’t see the L&N train rumble past their backyard in Milton, Fla. They moved his crib over to the window, and the problem was solved, he said.

Now Pleasant, who left the Navy as a master chief, does more than watch. He’s at the controls as the general manager and engineer of St. Marys Railroad, which hauls freight for some manufacturers in St. Marys and makes heavy deliveries to Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base.

Soon, he’ll be hauling passengers when the St. Marys Railroad begins an excursion train service between Theatre by the Trax in St. Marys and a turnaround in the woods to the north. The first excursions are Oct. 5 during the annual Rock Shrimp Festival in St. Marys.

Pleasant admits a lifelong fascination with trains.

“It’s an illness,’’ he said jokingly. “I’ve been a fan of trains since I was able to peek over the end of my crib and see the train go by.’’

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