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Guide dog killed while saving boy

Special to SEGAZINE

ATLANTA —  “Simon” the boxer was a guide dog for Dave Furukawa, who is blind. Dave says the boxer was his best friend. But their bond got even deeper when Dave’s son, Will, was born.

Recently, the trio were involved in a car crash. Witnesses told police a driver ran a stop sign and hit Simon, and then Dave while they were walking.

But it was Simon that saw the car seconds before and pushed the 4-year-old boy out of harm’s way at the last minute.

“He had a broken leg, a gash on his side and internal bleeding. But he followed us home. Once he was sure Will was OK he laid down. He loved my son.”

Bystanders who saw the accident picked up the boy and ran him back home to his mom.

Simon followed before finally succumbing to his injuries. Dave is recovering in the hospital.

The organization that provided Simon will give Dave another guide dog as soon as he is on his feet again.

via Guide dog killed while saving family |Action News – Jacksonville News,

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