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Brantley man charged with theft of three tractors from Sylvania

Special to SEGAZINE

A Brantley County resident has been charged with theft by receiving after  three tractors stolen from Screven county were recovered here.

The tractors, stolen from two Pine Grove Inn Road farms, were originally reported missing June 15, 2012, and valued at more than $150,000, in one of the largest reported equipment thefts in Screven history.

Two John Deere tractors stolen from Scott and Tracy Lewis and one Massey-Ferguson tractor reported stolen by Cyrus “Bubba” Sumerlin were located Aug. 10.

The Screven County Sheriff’s Office asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for help in the Sumerlin case.

While the investigation is still ongoing, Ryan Lewis of Brantley County was arrested and charged with theft by receiving.

Agent Tony Lima eventually tracked the tractors down and the owners will be receiving their property back.

“This is a rural area, it all depends what they’re being stolen for,” Special Agent in Charge Cathy Sapp said. “If they’re kept locally somebody might find them. Good investigative work helped out.”

A $3,000 reward was offered in July 2012 for “the arrest and conviction of the person/s responsible for the theft.”

Sylvania Telephone.

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