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Source: Cobb deputy fired over ties to homicide

Special to SEGAZINE

The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office had fired one of its deputies after finding out he had ties to a woman who’s accused of killing her ex-fiancé.

Neighbors on Clifton Road in DeKalb County said the night of the homicide, former Deputy Fredrick Price was at the scene and revealed information about the murder weapon.

“He told me he gave her the gun, a .40 caliber. She called him and told him that he had shot him and to come over here,” Gilbert Rachel told Channel 2′s Ryan Young.

The same deputies that Price worked with since 2004 led him out of the Cobb County Courthouse after he was fired.

Sources told Young that Price would not cooperate with Atlanta or Cobb County investigators who were looking into the murder case.

Victoria Rickman, the accused shooter, told Atlanta police her ex-fiancé raped her and she had to shoot him in self-defense. Police and the family of the victim don’t believe her story.

Attorney R. Stephen Roberts, the victim’s family attorney, told Young a few days ago that Rickman has a history of violence and went on to say the victim was shot several times.

“He was lying down when he was shot multiple times, as many as 10 in the back,” Stephens said


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