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Waycross man advanced with ’2 items used as weapons’ when officers fired fatal shots, chief says

Special to SEGAZINE

City police officers who shot a man to death Friday fired after the man refused to drop two weapons he brandished and advanced on them with one weapon raised, Waycross Police Chief Tony Tanner said Monday.

The officers were en route about 4:30 p.m. to 1013 Reed St. to a suicide threat when they were updated that the man had become combative and had damaged items in the home, Tanner said.

When the officers entered the residence, Jack Lamar Roberson started toward them “aggressively armed with two items used as weapons,’’ Tanner said.

The officers retreated and yelled repeatedly for Roberson to stop and drop the weapons, Tanner said.

The officers retreated as Roberson gained ground on them and raised one of the “weapons in a threatening manner,’’ whereupon the officers fired to prevent their being assaulted, Tanner said.

Tanner read from a prepared statements and referred any additional questions to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating the shooting.

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