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Kingston leads money race for Georgia Senate seat

Special to SEGAZINE

In the race for Georgia’s open U.S. Senate seat, the fierce competition for donors is underway and U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston continues to dominate when it comes to raising money among Republican candidates.

Over the past three months, Kingston has received more than $800,000 in contributions and has about $2.9 million in cash. It’s his third consecutive quarter in which he has raised $800,000 or more.

“Jack continues to demonstrate that he’s got the momentum on the fundraising side,” said Eric Tanenblatt, a GOP strategist who served as finance co-chair for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. “He’s winning the money primary, and that’s impressive.”

Whether the fundraising haul will translate into votes remains to be seen, although the large cash flow will create major opportunities for expanded voter outreach — paying for expensive TV ads and campaign mailers. In a statewide race with a crowded field of Republicans, money can make a difference, especially as Kingston looks to raise his profile among voters outside his congressional district in Savannah.

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