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Buzzard battle rages on in Homeland

Special to SEGAZINE

A dead bird is the latest gambit in the war between the City of Homeland and the buzzards.

At a recent meeting, Mayor Austin Hickox informed the city council he has been successfully using a vulture carcass to discourage other vultures from roosting on the city’s water tower.

“I’ve had old buzzy hanging  from a rope up there [on the tower] and it’s working,” the mayor said. “It’s been two weeks and no buzzards.”

The battle between the city and the birds has been raging for months, with sometimes dozens of the vultures roosting  on and befouling the water tower. The city has tried scaring the birds with loud noises and decoy owls to solve the problem.

“The owls worked fine for a while,” said Hickox, “and then the buzzards figured out they were dummies.”

The problem now, the mayor says, is the sustainability of the buzzard carcass.

“He’s not going to last forever,” Hickox said. “He’s already rotting and hanging by one foot.”

To take the place of “old buzzy”, the mayor says he has a contact for a vulture decoy he plans to place on the tower.

via Charlton County Herald

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