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Guy Heinze Jr. to be sentenced Thursday in murder of father, 7 others

Special to SEGAZINE

After two excruciating weeks, a Glynn County jury found Heinze guilty Friday of eight counts of murder, attempted murder and two drug violations.

After death was removed as an option, life is automatic. All the lawyers have left to argue before Judge Stephen Scarlett is whether it should be with or without parole.

When the verdict was announced, Heinze sank into his chair and sighed. Isenhower said she was watching and that solidified what she already knew, that Heinze had killed her children, Russell D. “Home Boy” Toler Jr., 20, Michael, 19, Michelle, 15, and Chrissy, 22, and tried to kill her grandson, Byron Jimerson Jr., now 7. Also killed were her ex-husband Russell “Rusty” D. Toler Sr., 44, his sister, Brenda Gail Falagan, 49, Chrissy’s boyfriend, Joseph West, 30, and Heinze’s father, Guy Heinze Sr., 45.

“Yeah, he did it,’’ she said, sitting in the modest old camper that is her home. “When they found him guilty, he didn’t cry or nothing. He knew what was coming.”

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