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Thousands of UGA students, fans on St. Simons for party

Special to SEGAZINE

More than 1,000 University of Georgia students and fans hit the island’s beach Friday for the annual beach party before Saturday’s game in Jacksonville.

And that was before the party, which continues all day, really got started.

With that huge number already on the beach, the revelers kept streaming along the sand from the north and south dragging heavy coolers and carrying big plastic jugs filled with fruity cocktails.

“It’s better than Christmas. It’s Georgia-Florida,’’ Mary Gallagher said as she made her way toward a crowd where red dominated the clothing styles. “We think of it as Christmas.”

“When you get here, everyone is the happiest they’ve ever been,’’ her friend Anna Raines said.

“It’s always fun,’’ said Amanda Busch, who explained her last name “as like the beer.”

But the contents of her plastic container was not like the beer.

“Wild berry vodka and Coke,’’ she said.

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