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Former NY Times journalist: Newspaper is now the President’s ‘propaganda arm’

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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Fox News contributor Michael Goodwin used to work for The New York Times, but he claims they were a different newspaper back then.

“The Times that I worked for no longer exists. This has now become a propaganda sheet for the president,” says Goodwin, referring specifically to their latest editorials defending the president’s campaign promises regarding ObamaCare. “When they say he clearly misspoke instead of calling it what it is — a lie — what they’re doing is … covering up for him, to make him look better,” Goodwin states.

“The country sees these stories of individuals who have lost their health care despite what the president promised,” continues Goodwin. “They’ve seen the prices go up, they’ve seen all kinds of confusion about what’s really going on. And for The Times to blame it on republicans, [and] say that basically it’s overblown and that the president just misspoke, I think passes over into an area where nobody believes The Times, and therefore, that hurts the president.”

Goodwin also thinks The New York Times has “crossed over from being a liberal newspaper to a propaganda arm for the president,” and it’s destroying Obama’s credibility in the process.

“We know our presidents are human. Obama himself apologized somewhat over this issue. But, for for The Times not to admit it’s a real issue, I think damages both the paper and the president.”

Fox News Insider.

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