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School transportation director resigns following board decision

Special to SEGAZINE

wiley crewsBrantley County School System transportation director Wiley Crews announced his resignation at the end of the regular Monday meeting of the board of education, after the board failed to take recommended action against an bus driver — a decision he says undermined his authority.

Crews handed the letter of resignation to the board just before Monday’s meetign was adjourned and made no comment in the meeting as to his reasons, but his letter sheds a bit more light on the situation, which involves the board’s decision not to terminate a driver.

Crews maintains that the board’s decision not to terminate an employee under his recommendation undermined his authority.

The Enterprise has received reports that this recommendation for termination of a driver came as a result of the driver breaking a state law while driving a school bus and that the board’s decision may have been influenced by family connections.

Superintendent Anthony Smith and assistant superintendent Read Carter told the Enterprise this week that they were unaware of any special connections for the driver.  The two also said that the illegality in question could refer to the driver backing into a tree and not reporting it.

The incident occurred about a year ago and was just brought to their attention, Smith said.

Carter said that the decision was made with help from state legal council, in the absence of a board attorney.

In his letter, Crews said his resignation would take effect Dec. 1 but requested that he be allowed to take vacation days  between November 12-15.

Crews also requested that he be allowed to assist during state school bus inspection from Nov. 18 to 21.

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One Response to School transportation director resigns following board decision

  1. Kathy Hendrix Reply

    November 14, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Please Enterprise Editors continue to operate on the GEORGIA THE OPEN RECORDS ACT 50-18-70 revised in 2012 and any other statues necessary. We requestthat you get ALL the necessary written, videoed, and open records documentation and information to bring it forward. The citizens of Brantley County have a right to know the truth and for the public to be made aware of exactly what is going on in this particular situation. Please don’t let a “reply” stop your investigation efforts.

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