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Cost of living is going up in Homeland

Special to SEGAZINE

It’s a familiar lament — “prices go up every year” — and one that will hold true for homeowners in Homeland next year. At their regular meeting last week, the Homeland city council began discussing just how much the price of water and garbage service will go up. “Garbage is $75 a year now,” Mayor Austin Hickox said. “I was thinking of maybe $100 year. “We don’t want to break the bank on people, but it’s something that’s got to be done.” Councilmembers Richard Gwaltney, Gerald Tait, and Lisa Nettles aren’t so sure that increase will be enough. “We’re short about $9,500 a year on what we budget for garbage right now,” Gwaltney said. “We need to take a look at exactly how many customers we have and exactly what it costs us for the year,” said Nettles. “We need to keep it in line, but we need a little more revenue to cover the service,” Tait said. Nettles requested City Clerk Bernice Pascal have the necessary information available on both garbage and water service costs available for the council at their next regular meeting in December. For the complete story, see this week’s Herald.

via Charlton County Herald 

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