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County nixes yard sale permits

Special to SEGAZINE

The Brantley County Board of Commissioners voted down a request from one of the organizers of the Big Z Warehouse Sale to charge county residents $50 for a permit to set up yard sales at the Schlatterville Recreation Center site — a common practice on the day of the Big Z sale. The decision came on a split vote with Mike Edgy making the motion to enact the permit fee, seconded by Brian Hendrix, while Skipper Harris and James Spradley voted no, leaving chairman Charlie Summerlin to break the tie with a no vote.

Commissioners also heard from a descendant of the original owner of property recently sold to Southern Ionics by Bachlott Church of God, who claims the church did not have the right to sell the property. Dustin Allen presented a copy of a century-old deed to the property to back up his claim. County manager Carl Rowland said the property was needed to provide safe access U.S. Highway 301 for Ionics trucks, and attorney C. Deen Strickland said that what has happened with the property over the intervening years might affect the validity of the deed, but Allen and others are prepared to bring legal action if necessary to return the land to its rightful owners.

Read more in this week’s issue of the Enterprise, southeast Georgia’s favorite newspaper!

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