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Ester Fleming, a life-long Covington resident and former Newton County Board of Commissioners member, is the second Republican candidate for the seat that Rep. Doug Holt will vacate. Source: Newton Citizen

Gov. Deal speaks to Georgia farmers Gov. Nathan Deal praised farmers at the Georgia Farm Bureau Federation meeting Tuesday for producing products that help the nation reduce its trade deficit. Source: Georgia Times-Union

Prefiled bills: Ten Commandments, right to say Merry Christmas among those facing lawmakers Bills to establish term limits, waive gun-permit fees for veterans, to place the Ten Commandments on the Capitol grounds and to make “Merry Christmas” legal in public schools are among those that lawmakers considered important enough to file before next year’s legislative session begins Jan. 13. Source: Georgia Times-Union

Political Insider: A move to put the Ten Commandments at the state Capitol’s front door  “Late last month, the statue of Tom Watson, the former U.S. senator whom history has condemned for his bigoted diatribes against blacks, Jews and Catholics, was quietly removed from its place at the front doorstep of the state Capitol.” Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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