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Trash rates going up in Homeland

Special to SEGAZINE

Reluctant to overburden their citizens in a sluggish economy, the Homeland City Council nevertheless agreed to increase their garbage collection fees in 2014. “I don’t think this will hurt them too bad,” said Councilman Gerald Tait of the $25 a year increase approved for residential garbage collection. “They come to the house, pick up the garbage, and take it to the dump. That’s not bad for less than $2 a week.” Beginning January 1, residential customers will pay $100 a year for garbage collection and commercial customers will pay $125. The amount is added to the residents’ annual property tax bill. The council also unanimously agreed to increase the required deposit for water service in the city from $75 to $100. The rate will apply to all new water customers and to existing customers who must have their service reinstated after lack of payment. “With the $75 deposit, we’ve been losing money,” said Mayor Austin Hickox. “A lot of the customers who are shut of for lack of payment, owe more than that.”

via Charlton County Herald

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