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Army Cyber Command will be based in Augusta

Special to SEGAZINE

The Army announced today that its Cyber Command will be headquartered at Fort Gordon in Augusta, bringing 700 new people to the base and a three-star commander.

Georgia U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, the top Republican on the Intelligence Committee, has worked with the Army for four years to bring the headquarters to Georgia following a national search. He had this to say in a news release:

“Establishing this command at Fort Gordon builds on the existing intelligence and cyber capabilities on post, provides the most cost-effective solution in a time of fiscal austerity, and takes advantage of the unmatched quality of life provided by the City of Augusta and surrounding area.

“Basing this increasingly important capability at Ft Gordon is the right thing to do for the Army and the national security of the United States”

In an interview this morning, Chambliss also discussed the latest National Security Agency news this week. He criticized a judge’s logic as “weak” in a ruling saying government surveillance was overbroad:

“He said it’s ‘probably unconstitutional.’ You don’t just say its probably unconstitutional. It is or it isn’t. It’s pretty obvious he wanted it to go to the Supreme Court, and when you have district courts in different parts of the country rendering decisions that are 180 degrees apart … it ultimately is going to wind up in the Supreme Court, and I have no problem with that. Maybe it’s time for the Court to rule on this again, which I think now they will.”

On the presidential commission’s recommendations on curtailing NSA powers, Chambliss said many go further than he would want to go — and that President Barack Obama has said he’s willing to go.

“There will be probably more transparency, particularly on [bulk collection of phone records] as it applies to U.S. persons, but also the commission did recognize the value of [the collection] and we’ll look forward to working with the White House to incorporate possible ideas that came from the commission and at the same time reject recommendations that make it less effective.”

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