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Georgia’s new license plate ranks ninth in nation

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In a just released survey from,  Georgia’s new license plate was ranked as the ninth favorite in the nation.

Wyoming’s license plate, with its emblematic bucking horse and rider silhouetted against a blue Teton Range, was voted the favorite, with nearly a third of the 2,000 respondents ranking it among the top five standard-issue designs in the country.


“We don’t seem to hear too much complaining about it,” said Bruce Burrows, of Wyoming’s Department of Transportation. “Every so often we do change out that background.”

That beloved cowboy image, trademarked and used throughout the state, was created a century ago by 1st Sgt. George N. Ostrom and emblazoned on Wyoming National Guard uniforms in World War I. It has been featured on Wyoming’s license plates since 1936.

States with well-liked designs tend to stick with a good thing:

•A corner-to-corner rainbow has graced license p

lates in second-place Hawaii since 1991.

•Utah has two standard plates: one depicts an iconic giant red-rock arch and came in third overall, but its other plate features a skier and a much-beloved motto that dates to the mid ’60s, “Greatest Snow on Earth.”

•Fourth-place Alabama’s “Sweet Home Alabama” plate dates to just 2009, but the song has been the state’s unofficial anthem since Lynyrd Skynyrd’s iconic opening riff hit airwaves back in 1974. Alas, state law requires a new plate every five years. The brand-new 2014 plate has no motto at all.

•Fifth-place Oregon has stuck with its Douglas fir-and-mountains landscape since 1989.

Plates were ranked by net “Most Attractive” votes minus “Least Attractive” votes from the initial survey group, which was proportionately distributed geographically.

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