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Bacon commissioners puzzled by request for legislation

Special to SEGAZINE

Local legislation has been introduced in Atlanta affecting the Bacon County commission and some of the commissioners say they know nothing about it.

At a recent county work session, State Rep. Chuck Sims told the commissioners he needed clarification on the legislation he introduced this year which would effectively void previous legislation restricting the membership of the county commission chairman or commissioners on other boards or authorities.

“We don’t want anything introduced into legislation without all of us seeing it,” Commissioner Roy Newberry said. “That’s pretty crappy. Three of us knew and two didn’t. That’s not how county business should be conducted.”

Commissioner Kenny Murphy agreed.

“I question why some of the commissioners didn’t even know this legislation was introduced to begin with,” he said. “I’m appalled this has already passed the house and we didn’t even know.”

Rep. Sims said legal notice was given in the Alma Times announcing his intent to introduce the legislation. He also implied he was asked to introduce the legislation by Commission Chairman Andy Hutto and believed the request came with the support of the entire commission.

A discussion followed regarding the wording of the new legislation and it was apparent the chairman and county attorney were familiar with the new bill.

“Right now your chairman is in limbo with regards to serving on boards,” Rep. Sims said.

For the complete story, see this week’s Times.

via The Alma Times

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