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Glynn commissioners won’t dissolve animal advisory board

Special to SEGAZINE

During their regular meeting last Thursday night, the Glynn County Commission put to rest a rumor that they were going to “dissolve” their Animal Services Advisory Board (ASAB).

The source of the rumor was an email that was distributed among ASAB members that stated, “Tonight, we (Glynn County Animal Services Advisory Board members) were made aware of (Police) Chief Doering’s intent to dissolve the Glynn County Animal Services Advisory Board.”

The email also stated they believed that the advisory board would be dissolved by the county commission during their Thursday, Feb. 20 meeting.

The Animal Services Advisory Board is a volunteer board that is appointed by the county commission as a support entity for the Glynn County Animal Services department.

According to the ASAB by-laws, their duties are to make recommendations to the county commission regarding budgeting and staff; and to advise the commission and administration regarding rules and operating procedures for the animal services facility.

In recent weeks the commission has expressed concerns about the ASAB and how they are operating.

The commission believes that the ASAB is operating outside the chain of command, as Commissioner Mary Hunt (Dist. 4) put it, and interacting with the county’s animal shelter employees in an unauthorized manner.

via The Islander.

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