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Execs get $10,000 pay hikes as lottery flounders

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Georgia Lottery sales fell drastically along with the rest of the economy after 2008. HOPE scholarship funds had to be cut, and six years later Georgia officials are still trying to find ways to put money back into the education programs the lottery was created to fund.

But if the economy has taken a bite out of the lottery itself, the damage doesn’t seem to have reached the Georgia Lottery Corporation’s executive offices, where six of the top-ranking lottery officials got raises of $10,000 or more. In at least one case, considerably more.

This has an all-too-familiar Great Recession echo to it. It’s an unpleasant déjà vu sensation from the not-too-distant past, when every day seemed to bring a new and even more outrageous account of CEOs and other top business officials pocketing tens of millions in pay and bonuses as their companies collapsed and workers by the thousands lost their jobs.

via Not the lottery ‘jackpot’ we like to read about | Opinion | Columbus Ledger Enquirer.

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