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Albany City Commission seeks to calm uproar over city manager pay increase

Special to SEGAZINE

The caller was angry, and he minced no words in registering his complaint.

“Morale here has plummeted since folks found out the city manager was getting a $15,000 raise,” the caller, who asked that his name not be used for fear of reprisal, said. “You take into consideration the City Commission just voted themselves a $2,000 raise, city employees haven’t gotten one in six or seven years, and now the city manager gets a $15,000 raise and 10 more vacation days? We feel like this is just another slap in the face.

“Pretty much the entire police department would go out on strike right now if it was legal. And they’re already having trouble retaining personnel.”

The uproar surrounding the commission’s vote at its Feb. 25 business meeting to give City Manager James Taylor the aforementioned pay increase and more vacation days has grown exponentially among city employees since it was announced. But city commissioners, who OK’d the raise without comment at the business meeting, sought Tuesday morning at their work session to reassure employees that the raise given Taylor was part of a plan to increase salaries for all city workers.

 Albany Herald.

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