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Presidential snub: Fibber in chief

Special to SEGAZINE

LAST SEPTEMBER, Vice President Joe Biden visited Savannah’s port and pledged that harbor deepening will occur “come hell or high water.”

Someone on the White House staff forgot to inform Uncle Joe that President Obama doesn’t keep certain promises.

In a stunning and disappointing development that reeks of partisan politics, Mr. Obama essentially stiffed Savannah harbor deepening in his 2015 budget recommendations that he submitted Tuesday to Congress.

Up until now, the president and his men have consistently repeated this mantra: Deeping the Savannah harbor will strengthen America’s economy, boost U.S. exports and create jobs. Mr. Obama signed into law in 2012 — a law his budget recommendation ignores — a provision that allows Georgia to use the $266 million it has set aside to get the work started.

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One Response to Presidential snub: Fibber in chief

  1. Jamey O'Steen Reply

    March 9, 2014 at 11:54 am

    The Democrats are playing a game on the residents of Georgia. They will wait until June or July & say “Here you go, Georgia” The Democrats want to act like they are hurting the rest of the country just to give us our deepened port.

    They know that Georgia is moving to separate ourselves from the financial stupidity that is Washington DC.

    We, Georgians, need the port to make us a financial power house.

    We, Georgians, need to find the money ourselves.

    We, Georgians, need to keep the money those improvements will generate.

    Time to start acting in our, Georgians, best interest.

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