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Sheriff’s report

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sheriff cap sm04-03-2014

Deputies responded to Lynn Holly Lane in reference to a Structure Fire.  Complainant stated they heard a loud noise outside and when they went to look the trailer was on fire. A vehicle was also burned in the fire.

Deputies responded to the 13000 block of Central Ave. in reference to a Theft by Taking/Criminal Trespass.  Complainant stated that a step ladder had been taking from the back of their truck.


Deputies responded to the 1100 block of Perry Johns Rd. in reference to Theft by Taking.  Complainant stated that their wallet and a large sum of money were stolen.

Deputies responded to Rogers Rd. in reference to a Scam.  Complainant stated he was contacted by phone and told that he had won two million dollars and a Mercedes.  The complainant was told to send a sum of money to an address and he would receive the prizes.

Deputies responded to Sandy Loop Sheppard’s Landing in reference to Accidental Damage.  Complainant stated he had rented a car to a subject and it was left at this location.  Due to the rising river levels the car had been flooded.

Deputies responded to the 400 block of Cardinal Road in reference to Criminal Attempt to Commit a Felony/Criminal Trespass.  Complainant stated that while they were asleep inside the home someone kicked in the door.  When the complainant called the offender fled.


Deputies responded to Mars Hill Road in reference to Suicidal Threats.  Deputies were able to transport the subject to Mayo to be evaluated.

Deputies responded to the 40 block of Hightower Rd. in reference to Criminal Trespass. Complainant stated that a juvenile had knocked the glass out of the front door and damaged an interior door.

Anthony R. Goolsby (21) was arrested and charged with Driving While License Suspended or Revoked.   While deputies were following up on a lead in reference to a subject who was wanted on felony charges they observed Goolsby driving a van.  A Check was done on Goolsby and it was discovered his license were suspended.  Goolsby was transported to the Brantley County Detention Center.


Scott B. Brown (41) was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct.  Deputies responded to the 60 block of Dude Circle and met with parties involved.  Complainant stated there was an altercation between him and Scott.  As Scott was being questioned he got loud several times.  After been told to calm down without compliance Scott was transported to the Brantley County Detention Center.

Deputies met with complainant at the Friendly Express in reference to Terroristic Threats and Acts that occurred in the 5600 block of Caney Bay Rd.   Complainant stated the offender had threatened them and continuously rides by their residence.

Deputies responded to the 7600 block of Caney Bay Rd. in reference to Harassing Phone Calls.  Complainant stated the offender sends harassing text messages.

Deputies responded to Dixon Rd. in reference to Theft by Taking/Criminal Trespass.  Complainant stated that the A/C unit from one of their rental homes had been stolen and there was damage to the inside of the home.


Deputies responded to Jess Allen Rd. in reference to Structure Fire.  Complainant stated that they had gone to Waycross and when they returned the home was on fire.


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