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Deal wants overhaul of Georgia ethics agency after $700,000 verdict against him

Special to SEGAZINE

Gov. Nathan Deal will propose an overhaul of the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, he said in Athens on Monday.

Deal’s announcement comes three days after a jury awarded a $700,000 verdict to the former director of the commission. Stacey Kalberman said the commission, formerly called the State Ethics Commission, forced her out of her job because she opened an investigation into Deal’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

Three of the commission’s five members are appointed by the governor, one by the Georgia Legislature’s speaker of the House and one by the Senate Committee on Assignments.

But Deal will call for a new 12-member commission, he told reporters after a speech on the University of Georgia campus.

Under this proposal, Deal said each of the three branches of Georgia government would appoint members to the commission – four chosen by the judicial branch, four by the legislative branch and four by the executive branch.

The members appointed by each branch would recuse themselves from cases involving their own branches. For example, if the commission heard a case of possible violations by a judge, only the commission members from the legislative and executive branches would hear the case, he said.

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