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Rec league photo schedule released

Special to SEGAZINE

Below you will find listed the Team Photo Schedule for the 2014 Brantley County Recreation Department. This is the assigned TEAM photo time and date. The  will be at the field from 445 until 745 pm each game day and is able to take individual photographs at any time. There will be registration forms and schedules at the admission table.

T-Ball Nina Able 5:15 May 5th Monday

T-Ball Doug Altman 6:00 May 5th Monday

T-Ball Timmy Brockington 6:45 May 5th Monday

T-Ball Chad Taylor (T-Ball) 5:15 May 8th Thursday

T-Ball Erin Sikes 6:00 May 8th Thursday

T-Ball Amanda Westover 6:45 May 8th Thursday

T-Ball Alysha Grafford 5:15 May 12th Monday

T-Ball Justin Todd 6:00 May 12th Monday

T-Ball Frank Thomas 6:45 May 12th Monday

8UGirls Jimmy Cowan 5:15 May 6th Tuesday

8UGirls Brett Wood 6:15 May 6th Tuesday

8UGirls Christopher Harris 5:15 May 9th Friday

8UGirls Chad Moore 6:15 May 9th Friday

8UBoys Stevie Hendrix 7:15 May 9th Friday

8UBoys Charles Mock 5:15 May 13th Tuesday

8UBoys Kevin Middleton 6:15 May 13th Tuesday

8UBoys Chad Taylor (8U) 7:15 May 13th Tuesday

8UBoys Paul Winder 7:15 May 16th Friday

10UGirls Justin Bowers 6:15 May 2nd Friday

10UGirls Donald Lee 5:00 May 19th Monday

10UGirls Odette Dennis 5:15 May 19th Monday

10UBoys Terry Steedley 5:15 May 15th Thursday

10UBoys Scott Rowell 6:15 May 15th Thursday

10UBoys Jeff O’Quinn 6:15 May 22th Thursday

10UBoys David Lindsay 5:15 May 29th Thursday

10UBoys Steven Chesser 6:15 May 29th Thursday

12UGirls Lanice Clever 5:15 May 2nd Friday

12UGirls Ed Lowther 6:45 May 13th Tuesday

12UGirls Travis Page 5:45 May 16th Friday

12UBoys Daniel Watkins 6:45 May 6th Tuesday

12UBoys Joe Simpson 5:15 May 20th Tuesday

12UBoys Shannon Foster 6:45 May 20th Tuesday

12UBoys Michael Morgan 8:00 after game May 20th Tuesday

14 U Boys Boys Michael TannerT o Be Scheduled

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