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Classic rock group’s ready for class action

Special to SEGAZINE

How was your band name chosen?

It’s a legal term and a tongue in cheek (or misleading) reference to the quality of the band: class act.

How did you all find each other?

Class Action originated in early 2007, under its prior name, No Appeal, when nine attorneys at Smith, Gambrell and Russell with an interest in playing music decided to get together and jam. We met at one of the partner’s houses to jam and found that we had a fairly good sound: i.e., we could make it through songs without making too many mistakes.

We kept at it, got better (relatively speaking) and played several firm events, parties, a wedding rehearsal and a previous LawJam. Over the years some of the members left Class Action and we added John Drummond on drums and Nick Reuter on keyboards.

We have also added a vocalist and the brass section from another related band, 120 East, a classic rock and blues band that was formed about four years ago by two members of Class Action (Dennis Doherty and John Drummond) near their homes in Marietta. 120 East plays corporate events, parties (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), weddings and local venues.

How do you know the nonlawyer members?

The nonlawyer members of the band are from 120 East and are friends and/or neighbors of members of Class Action and/or 120 East.

Where do you play and tour?

We do not tour. Class Action has been on a performing hiatus recently but in the past has played at firm events, a wedding reception and parties. Its spinoff, 120 East, plays corporate events, parties (birthdays, anniversaries etc.), weddings and local venues.

Have you ever been in other bands?

Yes, we all have been in other bands, primarily garage/high school and college bands, playing bars, parties and other events.

What are your musical influences?

We all have our musical influences and they are, of course, classic rock and blues oriented. Those who have influenced the guitarists include, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Terry Kath, David Gilmour, Joe Walsh, Mark Knopfler, Stevie Ray Vaughn and other rock/blues greats.

Groups that have influenced us are the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Chicago, Eagles and Dire Straits. Our drummer has been influenced by, among others, Danny Seraphine of Chicago and Neal Peart of Rush.

Our brass section has been influenced a lot by jazz artists and some of the great classic rock bands with brass sections including Chicago, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Ides of March and Tower of Power.

via Classic Rock Group’s Ready for Some Class Action | The Daily Report.

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