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Four arrested for drug crimes in Brantley

Special to SEGAZINE

ARRESTSGary Sumner (34), Graham Nolan(20) and Danna Brasiel (22) were arrested and charged with Possessio n of Schedule II Controlled Substance. Roxanna Little (19) was arrested and charged with 2 counts Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance and No Proof of Insurance. Deputies initiated a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle and discovered there was no insurance on the vehicle.  Before the vehicle was towed an inventory was done and the drugs were discovered at that time.

Deputies responded to the 400 block of River Ridge Loop in reference to Terroristic Threats and Acts/Harassing Phone Calls/Criminal Trespass.  Complainant stated offender came on their property and threatened him and has been sending threatening text messages.

Deputies responded to the 6000 block of Browntown Rd in reference to Theft by Taking/Criminal Trespass.  Complainant stated that someone stole a bike from their residence.

Deputies responded to Fourth Ave in reference to Theft by Taking/Criminal Trespass.  Complainant stated their dog had been shot a few weeks ago and things have been going missing from their property.  One of the complainant’s rabbits had been stolen as well as various hand tools.

Deputies responded to the 100 block of Warners Landing Rd in reference to Burglary.  Complainant stated someone had pried opened the back door of the home and taken several items.

Deputies responded to Community Rd in reference to a call of someone Impersonating a Police Officer.  Complainant stated they received a call from someone stating they were a Brantley County deputy when it fact they worked for a debt collection agency.

Deputies responded to the 4000 block of Caney Bay Rd in reference to Criminal Trespass/Theft of Service/Burglary.  Complainant stated someone had been on the property and trashed the carport as well as the back porch.

Deputies met with complainant at the Brantley County Sheriff’s Office in reference to Theft by Taking that occurred at the off road park.  Complainant stated their 4 wheeler had been stolen.

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