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18 killed by Gwinnett County police officers in last five years

Special to SEGAZINE

On July 21, 2009, two people died on Tracey Drive. Gwinnett County police Officer Lyndsey Perry killed them.

#The 911 call that day came in from elderly Barbara Baker, who told the dispatcher that her daughter, 51-year-old Penny Schwartz, was threatening to commit suicide. The latter was almost certainly on drugs and possibly armed, her mother said.

#In the line of duty, quick decisions have to be made. Lives hang in the balance.

#Evidence suggests that, once Perry was inside the Duluth-area home, Schwartz came around a corner with a silver .38 Special. Perry fired five times.

#Schwartz eventually bled to death. Her mother, an unintended target, died after being hit once in the chest.

#Perry was unharmed, at least physically.

#“I was convinced she was going to shoot me,” Perry later told investigators. “I thought that … was where I was going to die.”

Gwinnett Daily Post.

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