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BOE stops payments to library system after 60 years

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The Brantley County Board of Education voted unanimously to discontinue pay for services from the Three Rivers Regional Library System (TRRL) System for the first time in almost 60 years at Monday night’s meeting.

The cut was proposed by interim superintendent Read Carter as a cost cutting measure after he spoke to officials with the library.

Carter said they were unable to tell him what services the library provided to the school system in return for nearly $2,500 a year the system has paid  to the library system.

Carter said what services he was aware of could be handled in-house, now, because of better technology and access to the internet.

The school system first entered into a service agreement with the TRRL system in 1954, Carter said.  Among the 10 libraries in the system is the Brantley County Public Library in Nahunta.

Board member David Herrin asked Carter if the organization would be allowed to come back at a later date for another chance to explain their services and possibly be reinstated to which Carter replied they could.

The board unanimously approved the discontinuation of service.

The board also voted unanimously to seek bids for the school board attorney position after Herrin made the motion seconded by Kerry Mathie.

Herrin said that during the last two years the board had paid over $51,000 in attorney fees and he wanted to request bids to make sure the costs were comparable to that of other attorneys.

Longtime board of education attorney Bruce Walker said that he welcomed the board of education’s action but said that he felt his rate of $125 an hour was reasonable and said that he didn’t charge expenses or travel to do the job.

However if the board did decide to look for a new attorney, he recommended that they also conduct an interview process to make sure the applicant has appropriate experience to serve as the school board attorney.

The board unanimously approved the motion.

In other business, the board:

•  Approved the termination of Alisia Lattimore as a bus driver with Brantley County.

•  Approved the recommendations of Scott Herrin for employment in the maintenance department, Zach Anderson as the BCMS baseball coach and Stephen Howard as the BCMS assistant baseball coach.

• Approved a board policy regarding homebound instruction programs to bring local policies in line with state requirements.

• Approved the elementary honor band trip to go to Wild Adventures park in Valdosta on May 4.

• Approved the bid of $2,130 from Strategic Equipment Supply for a food disposer at Hoboken Elementary School.

• Approved the Brantley County High School Herons in Harmony trip to the show choir championships in Orlando, Fla. from April 5 to April 7.

• Approved three fundraisers that included a 50/50 raffle “Jeans week” at the schools to raise money for golf and a rib sale from Feb. 11 to Feb. 18 for soccer.

• Approved the annual subscription to “Brain Pop” unlimited access for the middle school.  The program provides video and visual teaching aids for instructors.

• Approved the cost of $1,272 for an annual subscription to Study Ion which is used in seventh and eighth grade math.

• Approved the cost of $2,250 for an annual subscription of USA Test Prep.

• Approved the amendment of the striving reader grant.  The amendment is used when areas of grant-budgeted items come in above or below expected costs.  The money must be kept on grant-approved projects but can be moved between them.

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