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Hoboken dropped by county tax billing firm

Special to SEGAZINE

The city of Hoboken is looking for tax billing software after it was recently dropped by the firm that handles that task for the county and the city of Nahunta.

Hoboken city clerk Linda Henderson told members of the Hoboken City Council at the regular February meeting that the search has begun for software that will handle the billing and collection of city taxes but no information about possible vendors was available.

The Enterprise has learned that Manatron, the firm that handles the tax billing and collections for the county, decided to drop Hoboken after it has handled the job for at least four years.

Brantley County tax commissioner Pat Tompkins said this week that the company has provided the preparation of tax bills for the city and allowed the city to handle collections during that time.

But Manatron decided that in order to continue its arrangement with Hoboken the city would have to sign a contract for full services, including sending tax notices and collection of taxes, which Hoboken has in the past handled in-house.

Angela Wirth, city clerk for the city of Nahunta, which allows the county to handle all its tax billing, said the cost is about  $6 per notice and includes filing, collection, and legal action required to recover delinquent taxes.

And Tompkins said the county would be ready and willing to take over Hoboken’s tax billing again if they agreed to sign a contract for the full service, which would include the same services as Nahunta for a similar fee.

Only delinquent taxes from before the contract is signed would not be eligible for the collection and legal actions portion of the contract, Tompkins said, adding that probably would not be a problem for Hoboken because they do a good job collecting taxes each year and wouldn’t have many delinquencies.

The council also voted to retain the Brantley Express as its legal organ, opened discussion of the proposed repainting of the murals on the city hall walls, and accepted the 2012 audit report.

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