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Brantley road closures

Special to SEGAZINE

The followng roads have been closed according to the Brantley County Emergency Management Agency:

• Hope Rd. at Oleander Circle entrances

• Mineral Springs Road near Murphy Rd

• Browntown Road by Murphy Road

• Warners Landing at the end is under water

• Deerwood at the end is under water

• Atkinson Road

• Chicago Avenue in Hoboken

• Evergreen Way east of Schlatterville Road

• Harrington Road

• Little Buffalo Creek Road

• Baker Creek Road from U.S. Highway 82 to Airport Road

• Boots Harrison Road

• Drury Lane

• Albert Gibson Road

• Tyson Road

• Waynesville Road

• Raybon Road East (Turkey Ridge to Gilmore)

• Saddle Club Road (Georgia Highway 121 to Raybon Road West)

• Wainright Loop

• Bachlott Break

• Bobby Strickland Road

• Williams Road

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One Response to Brantley road closures

  1. MANIZA CRUZ Reply

    February 26, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    the rds out here on sante fe and rio lobo and hondo rd are so bad that we cant even get out to go to town and nobody can get in either unless u have a 4wheel drive u will get stuck… there has been several ppl that has tried to come in and go out yesterday and today and got stuck and then i tried to go out today to town this morning and couldnt make it i almost go stuck myself,,i had to turn around and come back home…we are hoping that our rds get graded in the near future that we dont have to keep worrying about these problems because this happens everytime it rains we get closed in out here and we cant get in or out….so what would we or anybody else in this area do if we had a real emergency out in this area and the emt;s couldnt get to us,we would end up dying or something and that really worrys me!!!!!!!!

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