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Local resident discovers meth making kit

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The GBI was called in when a new method of making meth using pipes was discovered on private property located on the east side.

The GBI was called in when a new method of making meth using pipes was discovered on private property located on the east side.

Deputies and investigators of the Brantley County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Waynesville Volunteer Fire Department on Tyson Road Wednesday in reference to a hazardous materials incident after an area resident found a suspicious nylon bag on his property.

The bag contained Coleman camp fuel, PVC pipe glue, salt, clear vinyl tubing and two two-foot-long sections of PVC pipe with a metal pressure valve and gauge at one end which was wrapped in duct tape.

The finder put the suspicious materials in the trunk of his vehicle and drove to the Waynesville Volunteer Fire Station where he learned that the PVC pipes are a new way in our area of “cooking” crystal methamphetamine.

Because there are many deadly hazards associated with the manufacture of the drug, the complainant was advised to exit the vehicle and told help was on the way.

Deputies and investigators arrived on scene and the items were removed and placed on the ground. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Regional Drug Enforcement Office (RDEO) was notified and responded and because this new method of manufacturing crystal methamphetamine is considered so dangerous, the GBI’s bomb squad had to be called in to render the devices safe for handling by the hazardous materials technicians.

These are the Special Agents responsible for the investigations of clandestine laboratories.

Sheriff Jack Whisenant has asked the residents of Brantley County to be careful of strange or questionable items which they may encounter. They may be very dangerous. It is recommended that finders stay at least 300 feet away from items of this nature, stay up-wind and call 911 for assistance from the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff thanked the Waynesville Fire Department, the GBI RDEO and the GBI Bomb Squad for their assistance in the incident.

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