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House approves tougher stance on llegal immigration

Special to SEGAZINE

Georgia’s House on Monday passed legislation that would expand the state’s 2011 crackdown on illegal immigration.

By a vote of 111-58, the House approved Senate Bill 160. Among other things, the legislation is aimed at:

Blocking illegal immigrants from obtaining state driver’s licenses and homestead tax exemptions.

Preventing people from using foreign passports to obtain public benefits in Georgia, unless those passports include documents confirming they are legally in the U.S.

Making all city, county and state government agencies require their contractors to use a free online work-authorization program called E-Verify. Government agencies with fewer than two employees are now exempt from this requirement.

Fixing some unintended consequences from Georgia’s 2011 immigration law. The bill seeks to prevent massive backlogs for professional license renewals. Those backlogs were created by a provision in the 2011 law that requires applicants to show certain forms of “secure and verifiable” identification every time they renew their licenses.

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