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Charlton Memorial: Condition critical

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Charlton Memorial Hospital needs an infusion — of cash — and it needs it stat.

That’s what hospital CEO H.D. Cannington told the Charlton County commissioners last week when that group met with the hospital authority at their request.

Paying out nearly $80,000 a month just to keep its creditors at bay, the hospital needs about $1.4 million right now to keep its doors open, Cannington says.

“I don’t know how  much longer we can continue to operate the way we are,” he said. “It’s getting worse, and worse. Everyday someone’s asking for  money.”

“When you don’t have supplies and can’t get your equipment repaired, there is no option but to close your doors. I don’t want to see that happen and I don’t think it needs to happen.”

The CEO said he believes that — with recent improvements in the business office and other areas — the hospital is on the verge of turning things around.

via Charlton County Herald

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