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Court of Appeals sets Waycross session

Special to SEGAZINE

Waycross attorney C. Deen Strickland has announced that Judge Michael P. Boggs of the Court of Appeals of Georgia has accepted the invitation of Chief Superior Court Judge Dwayne H. Gillis and Waycross Bar Association president W. Frank Aspinwall Jr. to hold a session of the Court of Appeals in Waycross.

The local bar has been advised that Division Four of the Court including, Presiding Judge Sara L. Doyle, Judge Christopher J. McFadden and Judge Michael P. Boggs have scheduled oral arguments in two civil cases to be held in the Ware County Court house beginning at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, April 24.

The court will hear arguments in Bulloch County School District v. Georgia Department of Education, involving the whether the Supreme Court of Georgia’s 2011 charter schools decision finding that Georgia’s Charter Schools Commission and Charter Schools created pursuant to statute were unconstitutional had retroactive application and, whether sovereign immunity prohibits the payment of Quality Basic Education funds from the state to local school district s and relevant Charter Schools. The court will also hear arguments in the case of In The Interest of R.G., K.B., and H.S. Children, concerning an appeal from a juvenile court order granting the Department of Child and Family Services’ motion for non-reunification of the children with their mother.

Members of the Waycross and Douglas Bar Associations, invited guests, members of the press and the public are encouraged to attend the session which marks the first occasion to host a session of either of our state’s appellate courts in Waycross and the Waycross Judicial Circuit. For more information, contact: C. Deen Strickland at 912-285-5449.

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