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Three on trial for Brantley County murder of Glynn County man

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Buzzards circling over a wooded area near the Glynn County line led hunters to a dead body and that led to murder charges against three Glynn County residents whose trial began Tuesday in Brantley County Superior Court.

Dayquan Marquez Mangram, 18, Rena Lang, 33, and Shaquilla Janna White, 22, were charged with felony murder, malice murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during a crime and concealing a death in the May 25 slaying of Ultavious Gillard, 18.

Mangram was also charged with possession of a firearm by a person under 18.

Assistant district attorney Michelle McIntire said Lang killed Gillard to collect a $5,000 bounty which had been placed on his head in retaliation for a Brunswick robbery.

Pubic defender Clay Culp said all the evidence in the case points to Lang as the murderer and that White, who acknowledged she will serve only five years of a 10-year sentence, got a deal from the DA’s office in exchange for her testimony, adding that no evidence links Mangram to the murder.

White testified this week that she drove Lang’s car with passengers Lang, Mangram and Gillard, who was sitting in the backseat, to a mobile home park in Brantley County so Lang could collect a debt.

When they didn’t get an answer after knocking at the from door, White and Lang went into the back where they found a car and were letting the air out of the tires when they heard a shot, according to White.

When they came back to the car they found Gillard in the backseat slumped over the upholder and Mangram standing outside the car. Lang took a pistol and a cash from Gillard’s pockets and the three drove down a dirt road where they dumped his body in a grassy area.

Mangram threw Gillard’s cell phone off a bridge on the way back to Glynn County but said he had to return the gun to its rightful owner, White said.

They drove totwo car washes where they used the pressure sprays to clean the backseat and cup holder where Gillard’s blood had pooled, she said.

Carwash security cameras captured the cleanup attempts and jurors were shown the video.

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One Response to Three on trial for Brantley County murder of Glynn County man

  1. Vikkie Reply

    May 8, 2013 at 7:02 am

    I hope the get what they deserve.

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