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Study shows Georgia university classrooms are underutilized

Special to SEGAZINE

ATLANTA | A two-year study by the University System of Georgia shows classrooms are empty during most of the week.

It was at a 2011 meeting that Chancellor Hank Huckaby told the board his reasons for launching the analysis as a way to cope with economic realities.

“In this new environment, the major challenge is not building capacity: It is first to ensure the existing capacity is used as efficiently and effectively as possible,” he said. “Accordingly, we must ensure that we are utilizing our entire space well before new buildings are approved.”

Of the 440 classrooms at the University of Georgia, the average is used just 18.5 hours per 40-hour workweek, and when used, only two-thirds of the seats are full, according to the study. That is a 31 percent utilization rate.

College of Coastal Georgia’s 54 classrooms only average 14.7 hours of scheduled use per 40-hour workweek. With 71 percent of the seats typically filled, that amounts to a 26 percent utilization rate.

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