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Georgia Democratic State Party chairman to step down

Special to SEGAZINE

Georgia Democratic State Party Chairman Mike Berlon announced Wednesday that he is stepping down from his leadership role in the party.

In an email from the Georgia Democratic State Party, Berlon said he is aware of concerns expressed by Democratic leaders and does not want ongoing distractions for the party.

Berlon’s law license was temporarily suspended and there are other legal troubles that some in the party are calling a distraction.

“The details of my resignation will need to be worked out over the next few days and weeks. I want to talk to my staff and the leadership of our party to ensure a smooth transition. There is a great deal at stake,” said Berlon. “My goal is, and always has been, to unify Georgia Democrats. We have an important U.S. Senate race in 2014 and our focus should be on winning that seat and others.”

Senate Democratic Leader Steve Henson said he supports Berlon’s decision to step down in helping to end distractions to the work of the party, but appreciated his commitment and service.

“Mike has served Democrats in an unpaid capacity for many years. We appreciate his dedication and the countless hours of work on behalf our Party,” Henson said. “Serving as chairman of our party is both a great honor and a great deal of work.”

Berlon was elected to a four-year term in January 2011.

CBS Atlanta 46.

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