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mtcalvaryPayton Johnston shared this photo of Mt. Calvary Road near Hoboken about half inundated with rain water. Please send us your photos and be sure to tell us where they were taken.

Brantley is under a tornado watch until 10 p.m.

The Brantley County Emergency Management Agency has released a list of road closures so far  in the county as a result of heavy rainfall preceding tropical storm Andrea.

The following roads have been closed:
Rio Lobo Road
Sante Fe Road
El Dorado
Hondo Road
Chilsholm Road
Rio Bravo Road
Mars Hill Road From Central Ave to Creek Dr.
Mars Hill Road from Central to Hwy 121
Griffin School Road from Hwy 121 to OG Lee Rd
OG Lee Road at Tobacco Row
Ferman Lee Lane at Hwy 121
Glory Lane
Terry Way
Camp Road

Also, Brantley County schools transportation director Wiley Crews said today that there will be no summer lunch deliveries Friday.

The Brantley Enterprise will continue to update the list as other roads are closed. Please report problem roads to the Brantley 911 center or the Commissioners’ office, 912-462-5256.

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