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July: It’s all about agriculture


“The Times’ weekly It’s All About You feature turns toward agriculture for the month of July. Farming is sometimes referred to as the region’s past, but a short drive proves agriculture is alive and well in South Georgia. Drive a short distance outside of the Valdosta city limits in any direction and the signs of agriculture’s importance are everywhere.”
Source: Valdosta Daily Times

Tom Barton: Fanfare for the Fourth
“O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties, For politicians who seem sane.”
Source: Savannah Morning News

Tybee Mayor: Headed to beach? Then follow rules
“Tybee Island is commmitted to making this upcoming holiday safe and enjoyable for our residents and visitors.”
Source: Savannah Morning News

Jim Thompson: About this job; Chief Justice of what?
“Those of you who wander the various local corners of the Interwebs may know that it was suggested on Facebook earlier this week that I should “do my d— job,” which to the writer’s mind meant in part that I should have published her 840-word commentary against Selig Enterprises’ request for a special-use permit for its mixed-use development in the eastern edge of downtown Athens.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Hope vs. reality
“Calling the Mideast a “powder keg” is to pervert the meaning of the term. “Powder keg,” after all, usually refers to an explosive situation that hasn’t yet exploded.”
Source: Augusta Chronicle

Richard Hyatt: The threat today
“His message was about Elijah and Elisha but Jimmy Elder’s sermon was about more than a couple of Old Testament prophets. It was about the Chattahoochee River as much as it was the River Jordan.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Let’s help make Independence Day safe, happy
“It’s the major holiday of midsummer, and people will be heading to the lakes and parks and other recreational venues for Independence Day celebrations marking our nation’s birthday. It will be a day, and for some a long weekend, of fun and relaxation. For too many, it will be a time of tragedy.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Charlie Harper: Natural resources in peril
“This week, America will celebrate its birthday. Most will do so outdoors. But outdoors is becoming more and more of a rarity for too many of us these days.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Rivers leaves a formidable legacy at FVSU
“Rarely can you attribute the transformation of a university campus to one man, but there is little doubt that Fort Valley State University’s physical plant is very different — and much better — than it was when Larry Rivers arrived a little more than seven years ago to lead his alma mater.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Catherine Meeks: Take your pick
“Take your pick: Paula Deen or Voting Rights. I made my pick and it is the Voting Rights Act. Of course Paula Deen should not use derogatory language in talking about anyone. The environment for her staff should be one that is not fraught with negative behaviors. But she is one person with some employees who can choose to work for her or go elsewhere. People of color who are at risk because of the decision made last week by the Supreme Court cannot go elsewhere to exercise their democratic right to vote.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Mary Conners Weathers: Finding Cedar Ridge Cemetery
“On Monday June 24, my son and I traveled to Macon to complete some genealogical research on my father’s family. I was attempting to locate Cedar Ridge cemetery, and while I have visited Macon in the past, I was unfamiliar with this particular part of the city.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Ed Grisamore: A holiday with her name on it
“By the time the last watermelon is sliced and the last car pulls out of the driveway, Gloria Williams will have done it again. Another Happy Fourth of July, with an emphasis on the ‘happy.’”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Don McKee: Military Independence Day celebrations too expensive but Africa trips OK
“Our soldiers and Marines won’t have fireworks on the Fourth of July at their major bases because of “fiscal challenges” blamed on spending cuts resulting from the sequester that also was the excuse for halting White House tours.”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

Cartoon: Clay Bennett: Greater than, equal
Source: Rome News-Tribune

• Mike Luckovich: Bearly tolerable
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Todd Cline: New record for Push-Up King of Lilburn
“Don Magee doesn’t waste time. When he called me Tuesday morning, he’d already cranked out 600 push-ups. And it wasn’t yet 9 a.m.”
Source: Gwinnett Daily Post

Cities taking precautions for Fourth of July
“Independence Day celebrations will be going on all over the nation on Thursday, but there are some who won’t have time to enjoy it. They’re public safety officials — law enforcement, firefighters, emergency technicians — who’ll be on alert.”
Source: Albany Herald

Carlton Fletcher: Don’t underestimate the power of words
“Who knew it would be a 60-something white woman from the South who would get a large segment of this country — many who’d never considered it before — talking openly about race?”
Source: Albany Herald

Citizens must come together to better U.S.
“Thursday marks the 237th birthday of the United States of America. What a long time ago that was and what a long ways we have come.”
Source: Brunswick News

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