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The promise of independence


“In retrospect, it is easy to forget that the approval of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, was a revolutionary act. As Americans, we have celebrated the Fourth of July for 237 years, but we often forget that it took a war of eight long years to ensure the United States’ separation from the British Empire.”
Source: Valdosta Daily TimesPaula Deen victim of political correctness
“Enough already. Since the passage of the Voting Rights Act back in the 1960s, certain words became taboo. And everyone, everywhere, agreed. Just like that, everything changed. It was a new era, a new dawn, and all races were just going to hold hands and life would be forever changed for the better. The past never happened.”
Source: Newnan Times-HeraldDottie Callina: Three easy steps to dispose of office electronics safely
“Disposing of outdated office computers, printers and copiers the right way is not only important for protecting the environment, it also staves off the efforts of data thieves. Better Business Bureau explains the three steps necessary for small business owners to dispose of old office equipment safely and securely.”

Elliott Brack: House builder plans infill construction of above average prices
“As communities mature, open land or bigger property lots get converted into denser housing. It’s called “infilling.” An example of that is anticipated later this year in Norcross, on property located at the intersection of North Peachtree Street at Reps Miller Road.”

Independence Day: Doing freedom right
“Egypt got a head start Wednesday on the fireworks show, as thousands of joyous Egyptians took to the streets of Cairo to celebrate the forced ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.”
Source: Savannah Morning News


• Really celebrate
“This editorial is about the Fourth of July. Which, of course, you expected. And that’s exactly what’s wrong with this national holiday, which celebrates the issuance of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 … our nation’s birthday. It has become sort of obligatory. We go through the motions, just as we do for so many other national observances.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune

Kimeko McCoy: The classic American voyage
“‘She’s touching me.’ ‘Are we there yet?’ ‘I need to potty.’ Sound familiar? These are the sounds of the beloved classic American voyage, otherwise known as the family road trip.”
Source: Savannah Morning NewsAmerica’s birth certificate
“Have you ever looked at a grand, tall, sturdy structure and ever thought to yourself, ‘It doesn’t really matter how strong that thing’s foundation is’?”
Source: Augusta Chronicle

Cartoon: Rick McKee: Patriots wanted by IRS
Source: Augusta Chronicle

Marilyn Wolf-Ragatz: Arts integral to community success
“This Fourth of July holiday, a long weekend of celebration with family and friends across the nation, is also a week of celebration for the Athens Cultural Affairs Commission.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Harry Croft, Sydney Savion: Day of festivity for some, frustration for others
“A landscape marked by patriotic displays of festive parades, fireworks, barbecues, picnics, concerts, baseball games, ceremonies and political speeches is the traditional backdrop for the Fourth of July holiday observed in the United States.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Bubba’s boondoggle will hurt Georgians
“Electricity in Georgia is currently the most expensive in the South at 9.08 cents per kilowatt-hour.”
Source: Savannah Morning News

Obamacare truism: ‘A bad idea’
“Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal nailed it Wednesday with his tweet about the president’s decision to postpone implementation of a major portion of Obamacare.”
Source: Savannah Morning News

Richard Hyatt: Jim Mackay still avoiding the spotlight
“When he doesn’t have a golf bag strung across his shoulder or the name of his favorite golfer decorating his back, it is hard to pick Jim Mackay out of a crowd. Put him on a beautiful golf course with Phil Mickelson at his side and he becomes the caddy known as Bones.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Michael Smerconish: Long way to go on race relations
“When it comes to race relations, the past several days have suggested things aren’t getting any better. First there was celebrity chef Paula Deen in a professional tailspin after acknowledging in a sworn deposition that she had used the n-word.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Ed Conant: Hope for leaders with selfless courage
“This holiday weekend, we’re celebrating America’s 237th birthday. Americans will honor military and veterans units marching in local parades. We will remember the continental army and the fledgling navy that persevered against long odds to make America the remarkable country it is today.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Ed Grisamore: Bobblehead Freeman a free man
“I don’t confess to many crimes because I never commit any. I’m going to come clean on this one, though. I kidnapped my son’s Freddie Freeman bobblehead doll.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Erick Erickson: The cult of death
“In Pennsylvania, a jury found Kermit Gosnell guilty of murder. Gosnell engaged in a late-term abortion practice wherein he would deliver children then slit their throats, crush their skulls or snip their spines to kill them. In one case a lady delivered a child on a toilet, leaving the baby to drown. Gosnell kept the feet of children as souvenirs.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

An under-the-radar board brought into the spotlight
“How many Bibb County residents do you think could name just one of the five members of the Bibb County Board of Elections, much less describe what they do? While what they do is essential to our voting process, they normally operate in the background, away from most spotlights. Unless there are serious problems on Election Day they are not sought for interviews and explanations — and even if there are problems, the hammer would fall on Jeanetta Watson the elections supervisor.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Rev. Richard Aultman: Whose laws are superior, man’s or God’s
“The March 7, 2012, Telegraph article revealed that sentencing a criminal, Judge Ed Lukemire, of Perry, said, “When people don’t live under the law, the fabric of society is undermined.” To the criminal he said, ‘I think you are painfully aware that just a few minutes can radically change your life and the lives of others.’”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Don McKee: Common Core math textbook issue continues to stir discussion
“Concern about whether the Cobb school board should use Common Core textbooks or choose another option continues to stir discussion.”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

Sandwich is food for thought
“Sometimes ‘publicity stunts’ are the last, best way to call attention to a persistent problem. In that sense, the effort by Rome Action Ministries and its friends and supporters to break the Guinness World Record for making the most sandwiches in an hour did more than just feed a whole lot of children as part of the Smart Lunch, Smart Kid program.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune

Shorter needs a longer view
“That Shorter University faces new difficulties as a consequence of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) putting it on a year-long “warning list” requiring it to fix identified problems or risk losing accreditation goes without saying.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune

Reading taxation tea leaves
“The reading of tea leaves should be a required skill here in a region where Tea Party thinking and attitudes are very much in evidence.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune

Nate McCullough: Americans still good at giving
“I spend a lot of time complaining about the state of our society. Regular readers know I’ve had my fill of disrespect, complacency and indifference, driven mostly by a pop-culture- and self-focused Internet age.”
Source: Gwinnett Daily Post

Investment worthwhile for community leaders
“If there is anything this community could use more of, its partnerships — partnerships between governments, the private sector and community in general. It makes carrying the load easier, lighter, and, more often than not, more efficient and worthwhile.”
Source: Brunswick News


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