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The South is winning the new Civil War


“There’s a new civil war of sorts — a bloodless one — going on. And the South is winning. This time no shots are being fired and free men of all colors are voting with their feet to join a rising economic powerhouse.”
Source: Savannah Morning NewsCartoon: Mark Streeter: Timber and trust
Source: Savannah Morning News

• Mike Luckovich: Oh, say can you see
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Adding insult to injury
“On May 3, a couple was brutally beaten with a metal bat on Augusta’s Riverwalk. The savage attack shocked the city. But now Augusta officials want to turn around and take a club to downtown property owners.”
Source: Augusta ChronicleChattahoochee Chatter: To laugh or cry at unpaid time off?
“When it comes to being forced to take unpaid time off — aka furloughs — is it better to cry or laugh about it? It appears that Fort Benning’s Directorate of Family & Morale, Welfare and Recreation is taking the latter approach.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Lewis, school board both like what they see
“David Lewis scouted us before we scouted him. His interview with the Muscogee County School Board was still more than a week away when Lewis and his wife Karen, also an educator, slipped quietly into Columbus to have a look around. They liked what they saw.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

John A. Tures: ‘Failed’ revolution? News to us
“A Canadian historian publishing in the Washington Post wrote the article “Why America would have been better off without its revolution.” He contends that the American Revolution was a failure, but his own research leaves a lot to be desired.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Jim Thompson: Internships have economic development potential
“Like many of you, I’ve been amazed over the past few years at the quality of the work done by the high-school interns the Banner-Herald invites into its newsroom during their summer vacations.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Lauren ‘Bubba’ McDonald: The path to providing clean, reliable, affordable energy
“During the last week, I have received more than 500 letters from Georgians concerned about the possibility of Georgia going the way of California with the vote the Georgia Public Service Commission will make this morning.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Drew Keeling: In immigration debate, echoes of Ellis Island
“In many respects, immigration to the United States today is quite unlike that of the early 20th century, when it was overwhelmingly legal, documented, lightly regulated and European in origin. Millions of newcomers then were readily absorbed into a prosperous economy, and the main objection was not that the system was broken, but that it was working too well at filling American cities and workplaces with foreigners of unfamiliar tongues and customs.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Unemployment — Jobless rate stagnant, even as economy improves
“The June unemployment figures should make many happy — except large borrowers from the government and the 11.8 million unemployed who didn’t get one of the 195,000 jobs created last month.”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

Neely Young: Extra, extra, newspapers are NOT dead
“‘Extra! Extra! Newspapers aren’t dead!’ This is quoted from a recent headline in USA Today. The article, by Rem Rieder, reports a new business model has taken shape that makes newspapers a mature industry and, at the same time, an emerging industry.”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

More jail beds? Found!
“A great case was recently made by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office regarding its request to include $6.7 million on the planned SPLOST to add a new 60-bed “pod” to the jail to deal with the medical and mental-health needs of prisoners who are also patients. Of course, such already exist in Rome — the sheriff just cannot use them.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune

The Zimmerman trial reaches its final stages
“Now that the defense has rested in the murder trial of George Zimmerman, there will be a few rebuttal witnesses and then arguments by prosecutors and defense attorneys.”
Source: Albany Herald

T. Gamble: ‘Lone Ranger’ missing out on silver at the box office
“I see from press reports that the new movie “The Lone Ranger” is not doing as well as Disney hoped when first released. I guess that is an understatement, given that Disney estimates they may lose as much as $250 million on the production.”
Source: Albany Herald


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