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Brantley man leads Wayne cops on 30-mile chase, bails at county line


A Brantley man who led officers on a 30-mile police chase from Odum to the Brantley line is still on the loose after he bailed from the car and left two passengers to deal with law enforcement at a Brantley road block.

Wayne officials said Jamie Jackson Crews of Nahunta reached speeds upwards of 100 miles an hour on the massive run before bailing and leaving a Jennifer Dial of Hoboken to take the wheel and a Robert Curtis Johns of an unknown part of Brantley to be arrested later that day.

Dial took to the driver’s seat after Crews bailed but stopped shortly after according to Hutchinson who said she was later questioned and has not yet been charged. However, Johns was jailed after the run at least in part due to providing false information to officers though other charges are pending.

But it is Crews who will likely see the worst with evading charges and several traffic violations ranging from speeding to running traffic lights and stop signs over the 30 mile run.

Deputies from both Brantley and Pierce were on hand at their county borders to block the escape of the vehicle, but were unable to stop Crews who  ran near roads at the Brantley border.

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