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Poll shows half of Republicans back Gov. Deal


The survey for Morris News and Fox 5 by InsiderAdvantage also showed that few Republicans think the tea party should devote energy to pushing solar power.
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

U.S. House passes farm bill with no nutritional value
The White House indicated it would veto the bill, citing its lack of nutrition programs, and its failure to sufficiently reform commodity and crop insurance programs or invest in renewable energy.
Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle

• House farm bill leaves food stamps in limbo
House Republicans passed a farm bill Thursday by slicing federal support for food programs from the bill, breaking a half-century long legislative connection between farm policy and food programs for the poor.
Source: Christian Science Monitor 

Political Insider: House passes farm half of Farm Bill; Phil Gingrey only Ga. GOP’er to vote no 
“U.S. House leaders cobbled together enough GOP votes to pass the farm policy part of the Farm Bill this afternoon, coaxing three Georgia Republicans to flip their votes after last month’s floor failure by spiking the food stamps section of the bill.”
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Political Insider: Stan Wise’s blistering criticism of PSC’s solar decision
“One of the most surreal moments of today’s state Public Service Commission sessions – and there were many – came when Kevin Greene, the lead attorney for Georgia Power, walked to the front and, under orchestrated questioning by PSC chairman Doug Everett, denied every objection that the utility had ever expressed about the solar requirement about to be imposed on it.”
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jay Bookman: House farm-bill debate a true train wreck
“A highly spirited debate is playing out on the floor of the House of Representatives — watchable here on CSPAN — over a Republican leadership attempt to strip funding for food stamps, food pantries and other nutrition-support programs from the overall farm bill.”
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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