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Traffic stop turns into wet manhunt

Chris Buchanan

What started as a routine traffic stop on Hwy. 301 North Thursday quickly turned into a full-on manhunt.

Department of Natural Resources officials said in a report that the water was swift but shallow at the boat landing where an unknown man turned in when Georgia State Patrol Trooper Ray Strickland attempted to pull him over – and there’s a chance he swam away from the scene.

But the report filed by Strickland only said that the driver exited the vehicle and was not seen coming back up meaning the safety of the suspect is not yet known.

Strickland said in the report that he first attempted to pulled over the man at about 7 p.m. Thursday for having no seatbelt and failure to maintain lane.

That’s when the driver took a sharp turn into a boat landing and with flood waters high – right into the river itself.  Strickland only knew that the driver exited the vehicle but being unable to find him, called in the DNR who were also unable to find the man.

Donna Dismuke with the Waycross Post of the GSP said the investigation is still ongoing and little more is available until it is closed.

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