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Major manufacturing going on in northern Gwinnett County


“There’s more manufacturing going on in Gwinnett than you might realize, and has been for years. In fact, at one time the major large industry in Gwinnett was the various plants based on leather of the Bona Allen interests. This dominated Gwinnett business from the turn of the century up until the 1960s.”


 Be ready for weather
“Chantal is gaining strength in the Atlantic. No, wait, it’s not. Or perhaps it will come straight up through Florida and hit Valdosta with 70 mile per hour winds on Saturday. And then again, it may have completely dissipated by Friday, having taken out its lessening ferocity over the Caribbean islands.”
Source: Valdosta Daily Times

 And you thought it was just a ‘plan’
“The latest update to Coweta County’s Comprehensive Joint Transportation Plan contains some surprises local residents need to know, because they aren’t going to be happy.”
Source: Newnan Times-Herald

 Phil Hudgins: Daddies supposed to sacrifice
“Remember the old TV show “Father Knows Best?” Well, if you are a father or if you ever had a father – that would include us all – you probably know that fathers don’t always know best.”
Source: Blue Ridge News-Observer

President’s coal-burning initiative draws collective yawn
“This time, you can’t accuse Barack Obama of vote-chasing. We’re talking about the president’s new order ­— intended to rescue the planet by reducing carbon emissions ­– that our power plants burn less coal. “
Source: Savannah Morning News

In praise of 50 years of service
“They call him “Mr. Perry.” His full name is Clifford Perry Jr., and he has earned the respect suggested by that simple form of address through five decades of police work in Savannah.”
Source: Savannah Morning News

Cartoon: Mark Streeter — Stamp out hunger
Source: Savannah Morning News

• Lisa Benson: GPS and Obamacare
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 

• Mike Luckovich: This just in
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Jim Thompson: Time for a change in evaluating public education
“So once again, state education officials have released data on standardized tests administered to Georgia’s public school students, and once again, local media and local school officials have engaged, respectively, in inquiring about and providing context for how well, or how poorly, or how whatever, local students have performed.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Leon Galis: ‘Build it and they will come’ isn’t real-world development strategy
“Because Walmart wasn’t in the picture this time, the second round of public expressions of concern regarding Selig Enterprises’ plan for a mixed-use development in the eastern edge of downtown Athens inspired more thoughtful commentary than the first round. It would be a good thing if we kept this conversation going on the way to the next downtown project.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Ed Grisamore: Six Perry women practice spirit of friendship
“This is a story about friendships. Friendships that have not waned over the years, nor pulled apart by distance and circumstances.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Erick Erickson: Reality check
“The worst thing about America is the politicization of everything. Why must I pick a side in the George Zimmerman trial? A 17-year-old boy is dead and a man who may or may not be guilty of murder is on trial but, even if not guilty, will never again be safe because so much outrage and so much publicity has been poured into the trial.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Carol Megathlin: The mission continues
“The message came from Alma, a Texas lady who is supporting a soldier in Afghanistan with care packages, letters and emails. Her soldier is fine — coming home soon — but another soldier, a young veteran, recently entered her life. She asked a question about him that rendered me silent for days.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

First rule when in a ditch, stop digging
“Just in case you missed it, several schools made improvements on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, but there is a telling paragraph in The Telegraph July 10 story: ‘Though some of the most troubled schools lost even more ground, schools that had low passing rates generally posted strong gains from last year’s results.’”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Silent crossings — Council wise not to dilute bond’s impact
“Train whistles have been synonymous with downtown Marietta since the city’s founding as the Western & Atlantic Railroad was built in the 1830s. But there’s been a push in recent years to create “silent railroad crossings” at most of the places at which the city’s streets intersect with the tracks.”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

Don McKee: District of Columbia’s City Council throws Wal-Mart under the bus
“The City Council of the District of Columbia has proven once again that our nation’s capital resides on the other side of the Looking Glass, where things are often upside down.”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

Ron Sifen: New interstate toll lanes will help Cobb
“New toll lanes are coming, and they will be good for Cobb. The new toll lanes are cost-effective and they will reduce traffic congestion on our roads.”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

What’s in store for mall?
“Let the guessing games begin! After all, such pastimes are among the most popular in Greater Rome where consumers, in particular, often wonder why some of the ways to spend money elsewhere are missing here. Clearly, if such is persistently the gossip going around, then the economic climate can’t really be overcast.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune

Rockmart on the right trail
“Interesting that Rockmart, which is just a tad smaller than Rome, shows signs of thinking even bigger regarding the future of its downtown and how trails are key to what will occur.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune

Deal may salvage issues next 
“Good news for Georgia: Gov. Nathan Deal has gotten out of the auto salvage business, in the process lifting some of his personal financial burdens caused mostly by being a nice guy and good dad. This means, as he prepares to run for a second term, that he may finally be able to concentrate fully on salvaging the state.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune

Apple fritters are a superhero
“This past Tuesday, Rome returned to normal. Hana’s baked treats were once more for sale after a too-long absence.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune

Five car crash in Gainesville leaves at least three dead
The 12:30 a.m. wreck included a crumbled and twisted car and an overturned tractor-trailer atop a pickup truck and a smashed Jeep.
Source: WSB-TV

Nate McCullough: Not tired of the rain…yet
“Rain seems to be the dominant force in weather around here these days.”
Source: Gwinnett Daily Post

Congress cannot cut military danger pay
“Any doubts that the nation is losing its heart and fiber were shooed away recently when the Pentagon disclosed that it was actually pondering the elimination of what is commonly known as “danger pay” for the men and women in the military. Danger pay, as the Department of Defense refers to it, is little compensation for risking life and limb in defense of this country and its citizens.”
Source: Brunswick News

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