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Waycross commissioners voice opposition to bypass plans


The Waycross City Commission is split on a Waycross-Blackshear bypass to take high-speed traffic off neighborhood streets along Morningside Drive and City Boulevard but members have plenty of time to reach a consensus, because the project probably won’t be off the drawing board anytime soon.

The city, along with Ware County and Pierce County, has been on record as supporting the bypass since 2001, according to Georgia Department of Transportation officials who attended the city commission meeting Monday.

And residents of the area where aded stop signs and traffic bottle necks have forced drivers off the two streets and into what were lesser traveled streets, which they say puts them in danger from speeding automobiles.

But others who attended the meeting expressed opposition to the bypass, saying it would take traffic away from several local businesses.

City manager Deron King and commissioners Alvin Nelson and Norman Davis agreed, voicing strong opposition to the project.

In other business, the commission heard a report from Okefenokee Area Development Authority’s Bob Hereford that the Ware County is quitting the OADA, which means the organization technically will no longer exist.

Hereford said he hopes the work of the OAD can be continued through the Waycross-Ware County Development Authority, but admitted that some challenges exist.

Hereford also announced that a firm the OADA had been working with for nine months has chosen to locate in Jacksonville instead.

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